My name is Masayo. I came from Japan.

Usually Japanese names consist of Chinese characters. My first name has two Chinese characters, MASA means grace and YO means the world. My parents named me with hope to live elegantly and to play an active part all over the world.

I was born in Osaka and grew up in Nara. Nara is the oldest capital city in Japan. Many old temples and historic spots are legacies of Nara. I had lived there almost all my life.

I attended the University of Kohnan in Kobe and majored in sociology. After graduation I went to work with Fujitsu Ltd. as an instructor of business computers.

One day I went to Tokyo for a business trip to attend a class of system engineering. After the class my junior in the office and I went see people who were key men of business computers. They planned the use of new computers and supported the technology of them. When we arrived at the floor, my eyes met a man. I felt a destiny. The man was Hiroji, he is my husband now.

In Jan. 20 1990, we got married and started our new life in Tokyo. I was transferred to Tokyo and worked in the same building as my husband. But I realized I was pregnant and decided to resign at the end of August. I had worked there for five years. I gave birth to Miyuki who is my daughter in Dec. 16 1990. She is vocal and very easy to take care of, we planned to have another child. And in Apr. 28 1994, Hironori was born. Each child has quite different characters. Miyuki is kind and a good mixer with people. Hironori is quick-witted and shy. Every time they give me great joys of child rearing and also a big mess.

In Sep. 1995, my husband was transferred to San Jose and went to America alone. About three months Miyuki, Hironori and I lived in Japan without him. That was a very sad experience for us. I thought a family have to live together.

In Feb.18 1996, we came to America. Our big problem have been language. I had learned English for eight years during my school days. But I can't understand spoken English. The knowledge of English learned at school isn't useful here.

Sometimes I make mistakes. For instance, my children and I went to the park, a man stepped to me and asked, "Do you have the time?". I said "No!!". Because I guessed the man asked me, "Do you have time?" and he offered me a date. But he pointed to his wrist and I realized my misunderstanding. Oh, dear! I then told him the time.

It is very hard to adapt myself to the new surroundings but it is fun to discover the difference of customs. So I started to write essays about that in Japanese. Also I try to write essays in English. I have an English lesson and my teacher suggests me to write essays in English to improve my English.

If you see me, please speak to me, but please speak slowly. See you soon at the world.