What are Friends for ?

When I was a child, I thought that I could get anything I wanted if I had money. Now, I think I cannot get anything by money. I cannot buy family and friends.

My husband had surgery last week. Our family got up at 6:20 am and went to the hospital where my husband was going to have surgery. I worried about whether or not he would be able to come out of anesthesia. Around 10:30 am he gave me a call. The hospital was changed. His surgery would start after the call.

That day, my daughter went to Japanese school. After the call, I realized that I could not pick her up at the school. Also, I didn't know the location of the new hospital. I called one of my friends. She had been worried about my husband's surgery. She has always offered her help to take care of my children. She was glad to pick up my daughter from school and take care of her. She asked me to write a permission slip in Japanese, because she doesn't speak Japanese. She asked my son to stay with her, but he wanted to go with me. When she accepted my son's opinion, she prepared snack for us which we could eat during we were waiting at the hospital.

My husband's surgery was successful. I brought him back from the hospital. While he was asleep, my son also took a nap. Afterwards, I went to my friend's house. Around 6:00 pm to pick up my daughter. I thought I would just pick up my daughter and then go back home quickly, but she offered me a cup of tea. During that day, my emotion mainly fear was unstable. I tried to control my feelings in front of my children. However, I was extremely worried fearing the worst from the surgery.

A cup of tea, my friend's smile and her conversation made my mind at ease, like undoing a knot. I could calm down. If I had an elder sister, I would feel the same feeling she gave me. We stayed at her house until dinner time, but she did not complain, what is more, she invited us to have dinner with her family. I could not find the words to express my gratitude to her. I could only say " Thank you".

Always, she helps me with a smile. Once she said "What are friends for ?".

I'm very thankful for my friends. It is regrettable for me that I'm not good in expressing my feelings in English clearly. Nevertheless, my friends are absolutely valuable to me.