B l u e B l u e B l u e

When I was a child, my mother gave me white and red clothes, because my skin color was dark and it looked better on me than pale colors.

I started Junior High School, I had the right to choose my own clothes. As a result I chose blue colored clothes. Yes, blue was a nice color for me at that stage in my life.

Now, I still love blue. I have a blue back-pack, blue frames of my glasses and a blue mechanical pencil.

In the United States, blue is big.

Girls and ladies ware blue clothes as well as blue nail polish. Not only teenagers but also people my age and women older than me.

Of course two years before, blue was not so hot, But it has been a popular color here in cosmetics this year.

Also this year, we can see many blue things in stores, CRUNCHY M&Ms, QUENCHING BLUE GATORADE and DUSTY BLUE PEEPS for Easter.

Come on!

Blue means danger in the food world, as stripes of yellow and black means bees. When we see blue on foods, it means rotten or mold foods.

I don't like blue colored foods, but they are trendy now, so I have tried them.

I got some sports drinks, of course blue. My children had fun with the weird colored drinks. When my children laughed, their tongues were also blue.

Of the 12 hot colors forecast for 1999 products, four are in the blue zone. That's fine, but I must ask to be excused from putting them in my mouth.