Dream and Endeavor

My friend told me that the reason why babies squeeze their hands is to keep their possibilities in their hands. When they grow up and start to open their hands, their possibilities fall out from their hands.

Indeed it might be so at first, but after a while I couldn't share that opinion. Certainly babies have endless hidden potential, but if they are as is, they are only just babies. They can get possibilities little by little to stand, to work ,to speak and to learn as same as when babies stack blocks one by one.

It is the fact that these are successful people and the other are not successful people. The others must envy success, I have the same feeling also. But I realize that successful people have been making efforts. I should not envy only a result if I want to be a success, I have to keep an endeavor.

It is easy to only have a dream. Children have many dreams; they wish to be doctors, pilots or presidents. It is the most important thing that after we decided what we want to achieve that we find the way to fulfill our dreams and endeavors. If we do nothing, the dream is only pie in the sky. People who are successful, believe themselves and have been making efforts to achieve their success.

People have many sides in their minds, for example: they have strong wills and weak wills. Of course people who get success have strong sides and weak sides of their minds. They probably had experiences of failure and maybe broke down. But they could have learned a lesson from their failures and discouragement, they were able to move ahead from their dark days. I think it is a real strength of humans to do this.