The Bridge

One Friday afternoon, my friends and I had lunch at my friend's house.

One of my friends just realized that she was pregnant and we an crossed our fingers for her and her new baby. She has tried to have a second baby since last summer. She is in her fourties and we all knew that she had been waiting eagerly to be pregnant. Her face was bright with a smile. The smile made me happy.

Her friend is also in her fourties and is trying to adapt. She already has one child; however, she and her husband want another child. They think that her age is too old to become pregnant and it is very risky that she may have a disabled child. They talked in depth about it and decided to adapt. They asked a group of social workers about adoption, but the group refused their request. The reason of the refusal was that they were Caucasians and they wanted to adopt an African-American child. Now in California a group of African-American social workers are against adoption of African-American children to different raced parents.

I could understand African-American social workers' anxiety, but can't agree with their opinion. If an African-American child was adopted into a Caucasian family they would wonder about the difference of appearance. They soon recognize that they are adopted children. But someday all adopted children have to accept the truth whether they are Caucasian or African-American. I want to believe that the adopted children are loved by their adopted parents. The love will prevent the children from delinquency, and strong bonds will develop between the children and their parents.

I met some single mothers who came over to my house to get a donation. They joined an organization for ex-gang members, after they finished their work they started to go around to collect donations. They tried to live with their children. I was impressed by them.

On the other hand, some parents agree to adopt their children.

But if the adopted children can get love and education from their adopted parents, they will be happier than their present situation. The environment is very important for children. It'll mold their thoughts, and the children will come to understand that all people have the same love in them.

Ordinary people can't change a tendency quickly, but we have the ability to change a tendency slowly. I think African-American children who are adopted to Caucasian families are not sacrifices. Next generation will build a new tendency. The children will act as a bridge between the people.