An Amusing Question

My son will turn three years old after ten days.

He started to speak very late; however, now I can hear his baby talk which heals my mental fatigue. The Shinkansen he pronounces "Chin-kan-chen" and kyukyusya (it means an ambulance in Japanese) he pronounces "kyu-kyu-cya". I know that I can enjoy his baby talk during this stage, his words are very cute.

One day he put his hands on his chest and said, "kokoro". "Kokoro" means spirit in English. I was surprised how did he know the word of "kokoro" and why did he think there was a spirit in his chest. I asked him, "Where is your "kokoro" ?". He pointed to his chest and said, "Here".

I watched a TV program about brain. Human has two parts of the brain. One part works for living, so every living-thing which has brain has that. Another part is called the cerebral cortex which presides over emotions. The cerebral cortex and other organs relate to make emotions, so it can say that our spirit are in the brains. I accepted the information about brain but I still believed that I have spirit in the chest. I told my children that we have spirit in our chest without knowing it.

When my daughter was very small, she asked me, "Where is God? ,Can I see God?". I am not a member of any religion. I said to her, "We can't see God, but I think God exists in our spirits. Everyone has God in one's spirit, also devil, but I want to believe people, because there is God in everyone's spirit.

I don't know how much my influence will be left in my children when they grow up. In reality, I give so much information to my children whether it is right or wrong. I think that's enough. I hope my children build their opinions from knowledge of information.

When my children grow-up, I want to ask them and talk about "Where is your spirit?", "Can you see God ?" and "Where is God ?". Well, I will have an amusement after child rearing.