The Title

I heard that doctors deny surrogate mothers to hold their babies after deliveries. The reasons why are to prevent surrogate mothers to start feeling love to their babies and not to feel sad when their babies are send away.

People can be parents if they have babies, but their mentality of being a parent develops day by day as to be their children's parents.

Here is a news article about a birth mother who wants her child back, after consenting to adoption.

There is no knowing what happened to the mother, what made her change her mind, but it was the fact that she agreed to adoption.

Her child will be three years old this February. The girl has been cared for by her adoptive parents since she was born in February 1994. She is the same age as my son.

It is very hard to bring up children. There are good days, also there are bad days. The adoptive parents have brought up their adoptive child. I'm sure that they built up the band of parents and child between them. For three years old children, parents are everything to them, they trust their parent. If children lose their parents, they would cry and cry over. The grief stops the growth of children not only badies but also mentalities.

Children are not parent's possessions. Children have their own minds. It should not be allowed for parents to crush their children's hearts, even a birth mother.

I want to say to the birth mother.

I don't know what happened to you, but you should not change your mind once you had decided. This isn't a case that you exchange an unfavorite purchase at a shopping mall. You had given up the title of bringing up your child. You don't have the right to snatch the present happiness of your child and her adoptive parents.

Your child isn't your possession.