Ennis Cosby

Now my mind filled with anger and grief.

Ennis Cosby was killed by a robber. He was a graduate student and was pursuing a doctoral degree at Columbia University Teachers College.

He was an excellent student but he was not a genius. He had a reading problem and had overcame it.

We always learn from reading. When he overcame dyslexia, he put much energy into his study. Also he had been counseling a young boy who had the same problem.

When he got over his problem, I think that he felt the joy of learning. So he started to study and also started to help somebody else's soul. Sometimes we have a tendency to desert disabled people, as if we are winners and they are losers. He showed us the way to overcome his real life problem. If people make effort they can overcome anything. There are no losers.

He knew the feelings of the weak but wanted to tell people not to blame their failures on their weaknesses. He was a positive man. He taught me the their strength of human.

But he does not live now.

If he lived, he would have graduated and established a school for students with learning disabilities. He was cut off, but we realize "Ennis Cosby" in our minds.

He passed away, I wish his soul impressed people and his wish comes true.