It is deplorable that people die while they are waiting for transplants. Everybody has right to live, but some people have to give up the right because of illness.

When I was in Japan, I read a news article about transplants. Actually now in Japan, a donation system of organs has not been adjusted yet. Patients needing transplants must choose their way, waiting death or put a lot of money into getting a transplant at another country. They will wait for transplants in America or Australia.

Some body's death makes them alive. Some people feel that Japanese people believe that everything can be bought using money for instance, organs, even life.

The biggest problem is Japanese peoples' death. The Japanese believe that if a dead person loses a part of the body, then he will have the same part missing when he is rebirthed.

I think the biggest problem is the donation system in Japan. The consciousness of Japanese people are changing day by day. Some people refuse to donate; however others are willing to donate. Each idea is right. The most important thing is that people have their own opinion, and that the government provides a system for organs to be donated.

I want to believe Japanese people are not selfish.

Many politicians go to foreign countries. I hope they see the good part of other countries and try to change the bad part immediately.