I have read about the tower of Babel in my childhood.

Once upon a time, there was only one language in this world. People could understand one another. At that time, there was city which name was Babylon. It went to the extremes of luxury. People in Babylon were arrogant. They thought that they surpassed God and started to construct of the tower of Babel. God got upset, destroyed the tower and confiscated a language . At last, God gave a different language for each race.

When I came to America, I though if people had not constructed the tower of Babel, I could make myself understood to others without acquiring a foreign language. I have to speak English to live in this country. Actually, I can't understand spoken English. It is very hard to speak English for Japanese. I have heard that the frequency of English was unlike the frequency of Japanese.

I could make friends with Americans but when they chatted I felt unspeakable loneliness. Why did they build the tower of Babel?

I told the story to my husband and if people in this world could speak only one language, it would be great.

"I don't think so", he said.

By having a different language, people can have different customs and thoughts. The difference is interesting. Therefore, we have to approve the difference and try to understand other people.

"It is great that each folk has a different language", he said.

I couldn't agree his opinion.

One day, my friend held out a piece of brown bread to my son at the park. She came from Russia and she is married to American. She speaks English very fast as a machine gun and with slight Russian accent.

"This is a Russian ginger bread. It's slight different for American style. Try this one. Hiro, here you are."

He griped it tightly and ate timidly. I thought he spilt out immediately.

But he enjoyed and ate it up. He did "Ocyoudai" in Japanese style and ask her to give more piece of bread. She handed another piece to him with smile.

The ill-feeling in my mind broke as a sand castle.

The difference is neat, maybe.

I have refused to speak and lesson a different language. I felt affair about it. I am Japanese, actually I can speak Japanese fluently but can't speak English as well as Japanese. But my friends accept me. They don't hope I speak English as a native. They understand well to have happy time with me and my son. If I can acquire English more, I can get a way to understand.

Take it easy.

"The difference is neat." I brushed bread off from my son's cheek.