After Christmas

During one late night, my husband and I removed the ornaments from the Christmas tree. Every ornaments has a sweet and bitter memory. We put them in the box and talked about the memories.

We looked at the Christmas tree. It was still green and aromatic. "It's a nice tree", he murmured.

At first we decided to get a fake one, but my husband realized my real wish; I have planned to decorate a fresh one, so he changed his mind. He said to our children, "Do in Rome as the Romans do. Let's get a fresh Christmas tree". We went to a nursery and choose a beautiful one.

His parents own a furniture shop and factory, so he knows about trees and loves them very well. He watched the Christmas tree with a look filled with sadness.

"Let's thank this tree and don't throw it away as garbage. Let's use it as firewood ", I said to him. He still watched the Christmas tree.

"I will try to make a wooden Christmas tree out of this tree", he said with a bright face. "Each year we decorate a fresh Christmas tree and can also have a tiny Christmas tree." I imagined the wooden Christmas trees on the coffee table. It's a sweet scene. We can live with them and make the best use of them. "I think it's neat !", I said to him with a smile.