The Chinese Astrology

My daughter loves horses. She gives me the reasons why she loves them, first she was born in the year of the Horse in the Chinese astrology and also horses run with grace.

I love tigers. Tigers don't herd together. They live in a forest all alone.

Am I the type who love solitude ? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Actually I can enjoy my own company. But on the other side it is a delight for me to talk with other people.

When I'm alone, I have a friend whose name is "Imagination". I can sit down on the Jupiter and see the Ganymedes and the other fifteen satellites with her. Nobody gets into my mind. I feel free and I travel a fantastic world.

Tigers may imagine by themselves in a forest all alone.

When I talk with people I can realize a difference, for example: in age, in race, in point of view. The most important thing is that we recognize a difference between oneself and others.

Miyuki, please don't tell which animal I was born in the Chinese astrology to my friends.