A Weak Point and a Latent Power

"The wind blows, the cooper makes money." It is a Japanese proverb.

Here in the Bay Area, the wind blows, there is an electrical outage. It is a weak point here.

I have experienced outage here three times. Also each electrical outage was very long. It was from four hours to eight hours long to recover the supply of electricity.

Of course, there is a electrical outage in Japan, but it is a very rare case. Usually only a localized torrential downpour gives rise to electrical outages and it is recovered soon.

In America electrical outages are a serious problem, because if an electrical current is stopped people can do nothing. Most cooking stoves in America are electric. We can't cook during outages. The first time of the electrical outage for my family in America, we went to a supermarket and bought food for dinner. We ate dinner by candle light as ancient time people did.

On the way to the supermarket I saw a amazing scene.

Traffic lights were not working, but the traffic moved smoothly. Every driver understood his or her turn at an intersection. Only the first group of cars crossed it clockwise while others were waiting. Actually drivers in America are accustomed to recognize their turn without traffic lights by "4way stops", but I don't think that it is the only reason.

When I saw the scene; I imagined the same situation happening in Japan. An intersection would be covered with cars and filled with sounds of car horns and shouting.

That time I saw a weak point in America but also a latent power in America.