It's My Pleasure

The traffic rules of California expresses that pedestrians using dog guides or white canes with or without a red tip must be given the right-of-way at all times. Also I was surprised there are many parking lots for physically handicapped people at parks or shopping malls. I couldn't suppress a grunt of admiration when I saw no one parked their car at parking lots for a physically handicapped people; however, there was no room to park.

I guess Americans look after a person who is weaker than them.

I saw someone who got into a bus with a wheelchair. The driver of the bus helped the person into it with a big lift. The passengers of the bus and all drivers were waiting kept cool. On the contrary, they looked pleased. They were proud of themselves as they could be waiting.

Why ?

I had thought about kindness before. Why are people kind to other people? For themselves?

I think the reason why they do kindness for other people is they do it for themselves to let out the emotion from their mind. And they want to feel purified.

I guess Americans think a great deal of their mind. They are able to pride themselves so can wait for other people and can do a good deed. They can feel pleasure from doing a good conduct.

For that reason their faces are beaming with smiles toward somebody's "Thank you" and smile which are return gifts from their kindness.

"It's my pleasure."

I think these are nice sounding words.