A Tour of the Kindergartens

My daughter has changed kindergartens twice. She has been to three kindergartens.

The first kindergarten in Japan is located in Tokyo. The policy of that kindergarten is to respect a child's freedom and opinion. For example, a uniform is very unique. It has variations of skirts, pants, blouses, polo shirts and sweatshirts. The principal of that kindergarten tells children when they wake up in the morning to open the window and see the weather and consider your clothes. Everything depends on children.

There was a boy who loved keyholders in my daughter's class. He attached a lot of keyholders with his bag. Every keyholder was his treasure and those were his precious memory, of his grandfather, of his family trips, of his birthday parties. Actually he made me happy.

The next kindergarten was ....terrible. I was surprised at the thickness of the brochure about a kindergarten-life.

A girl who has long hair has to tie up her hair with an elastic cord without an ornament. Children can attach only one keyholder with a bag, provided it has to be attached at the ring which shape is "D", has to, has to.

One day, there was a meeting at the kindergarten about a bazaar. At that time, the principal of the kindergarten made a speech for parents."We have been prohibited that children bring fruits in lunch boxes. Some parents have asked us to permit dessert. We have decided to admit dessert experimentally. We were afraid that lunch boxes were filled with fruits, without rice or a side dish." Oh....Thanks a lot, teacher.

Now, my daughter goes to a kindergarten in America with pleasure. She told me about her classmate'slunch.

"The girl brought only a banana and she ate banana with chocolate syrup."

"Banana with chocolate syrup!!"

The face of the principal of the second kindergarten came to my mind suddenly. I started to laugh at the same time.

OK, OK. That's enough. If the child felt a satisfaction, that's enough.

I hope my daughter loves kindergarten of the present day.

Well, it is wonderful to make a tour of the kindergartens.